Defined Recruiting Process

We have a deep client focus to ensure there is complete understanding of how the client partner's internal recruiting process functions and what should be expected in order to have a successful talent acquisition. 

Needs Analysis

HBL Search collaborates with the client to understand the specific company culture as it is often a key element in long-term organizational success. Research data shows that cultural fit impacts employee retention and performance. Professionals whose values are aligned with the company's stated cultural goals had 30 percent less turnover.  For this reason, HBL SEARCH also assesses corporate culture suitability. 

HBL Search is a leader in providing placement services for corporate clients and developing career strategies for professionals at all levels.

Needs Analysis
HBL Search partners with the client to fully understand the specific needs of the company. We pinpoint the requirements needed to perform the role, including: corporate culture alignment, professional experience, education and leadership skills.

Company Presentation We partner with the client to determine how to present the company and the opportunity to prospective candidates. 

Scheduled periodic updates
​We provide proactive updates of the search, which includes promptly adapting to changes in the search parameters.

We actively target professionals, leveraging the HBL Search talent network to present candidates with the described skills, education, and responsibilities needed to fill the position.

Candidate Interviews 
Each final candidate will be extensively interviewed to determine if they have the skills, experience, and leadership to meet the needs of the client. This includes an evaluation of adaptability, collaboration, leadership and other emotional skill sets. Candidate Presentation: We will present only the candidates that are suitable based on our extensive interviewing process.


Our Approach

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